Photo Gallery

Spring Spectacular was great fun! Tim Motley was our photographer again, and he did us proud.  Review his works of art below!



Opening Number

Old Rules Barbershop Quartet

Teach Me Tiger

At Last

Vaudeville Behind the Laughter

Tongue Tied

Let's Bake with Bill and Jill

The Song That Goes Like This

God Killed the Queen

Song of the Count

La Cosa Mala

I Wanna Be Loved By You

Hook Act - Knitting

Summer Beach / Fly

My Man

Tribute to Silver Muzzle Cottage

Swing on a Star

King of Silence

Strip Polka


Old Rules Barbershop Quartet (Act II)

I've Been Kissed Before

Pasties with Bill and Jill

Canine Cotillion

Singing in the Rain


All About that Bass


Spotlight on Vaudeville

Curtain Call


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