At our last show, we tried something new in the lobby and it was a hit!  We had "Folly Finery", which included vintage jewelry, hats, purses, boas, leashes, and clothing available for purchase.  We will be doing this at all of our shows.  There is a lot of merchandise available, but the best way to sell it is at our shows, at Flea Market events (run by Ronelle J'Atteng), and on Ronelle J'Atteng's Etsy shop.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Folly Finery go towards the current animal rescue group that we are supporting.  One of our newest members, Jacie Atteng (Ronelle J'Atteng), has her very own Etsy page that has fabulous merchandise that you can purchase, to help support our animal rescue groups that we sponsor.  Check it out here!

Jacie Atteng Vintage Shop


Black T shirt with screen printed logo.  Ladies Fit and Mens fit available.  NOT tagless.  $3 each.  The price is so low because this is our original design, and we are in plans to upgrade our logo with a new screen printer for the next show hopefully!  The upgraded designs will come with a higher price, but the border will be more defined, and the look will be snazzier.

The model is wearing a ladies size Medium. Sizes available for ladies are Small, Medium, and Large.  The shirts are 100% cotton; the tag does not say if they have been preshrunk or not.  If in doubt, get one size large than normal. 


Stickers with logo.  $1 each.  Shipping is free.

Magnets with logo.  $2 each.   Shipping is free.

Iron ons with logo.  Small are $2, Medium $3, Large $5.  The T shirt pictured above displays the large iron on.  Shipping is free.  Iron ons include tissue paper and instructions.  These are meant to be used on dark fabric.


Postcards with pictures of Vaudeville performers, or performers from a time close to the time of Vaudeville. Soon a photo album will be available, showcasing each postcard that is available.  $1 each.  Free shipping.

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