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Harvest Hullabaloo was exciting and fun filled!  We had MANY new people join us on stage, and we tried a LOT of new things this time.  One of the things we tried was having our amazing professional photographer, Tim Motley, take the pictures of the performances onstage, and our candids were done by Kitty Howard and Alan Clayson, two delightful new photographers who together form Howard Clayson Photography.  They hung out backstage with us and sneakily took all of the amazing candids.  The professional photographs and candids are proof of the fun we had with our show.  Hopefully you were there to enjoy it with us!



MC, Pianist, Show signs

I Hope They Get It

Old Rules Barbershop Quartet Act I

She Acts Like a Woman Should

On Lyrics

Phantom of the Opera

Chit Chat

Airport Hojo

GR Cuban Salsa

Banana Peel

Sweet Dating Sites

Mr. Pointy's Nightmare

I Remember You

Who Let the Dogs Out

The Pretzel

Liquid Lunch

A Night Like This

Tribute to Crash's Landing

Walkin' After Midnight



Old Rules Barbershop Quartet Act II

When You're Good To Mama

Grandfather Clock

Skeleton in the Closet


Mr. Sandman

Musical Bodies

Sun and Moon

Burns and Allen

The Juggler

Laurel and Hardy

Ginger Moustache

A History Lesson featuring Sophie Tucker

Curtain Call


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