Photo Gallery

Frozen Frolics was full of a fun time had by all!  Check out the magical works of art by Tim Motley, our amazing photographer.  He is one of the most popular photographers in town for good reason!

Act Signs


Vaudeville Tonight!

Old Rules Barbershop Quartet (Act I)

Boob Job

Improbable Act

Wicked Games

The Magic of Folly Finery

Down on the Farm

Juggler Gerry - Club Work

Let's Guffaw With Hee Haw

Bill and Jill - Photo Session


Deep Deep Down

Mr. Pointy

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Juggler Gerry - Club Juggling


Tribute to Harbor Humane Society

Weight For It

Working Man

Old Rules Barbershop Quartet (Act II)

Grabtown Grapple with the Vintage Vixens

A Boy and his Bear

Know Your Chicken

Bill and Jill - Accessories

Dog Day at the Circus

Roman Soldier Helmet

Juggler Gerry - Cigar Box

The Way You Look Tonight

Drunk History

Curtain Call

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