Upcoming Events:  Our next show will be on Saturday, July 15, 2017 at Wealthy Theatre.  It will still be a Vaudeville Variety show, but it may not have all the same types of acts as the last show.  Our goal is to keep things fresh, and to have a different type of variety for each show.  Click here for tickets! Frivolous Follies Tickets


Each show will be a benefit for a different animal group.  Our first show was for Hearts of Hope, a dog rescue group; our second show was for Carol's Ferals, a cat rescue group, and our July show will again feature a dog rescue group: LuvnPupz!  For more information about LuvnPupz, click here! LuvnPupz

Past Events

Our first show was Saturday, November 5th, 2016 at the beautiful Wealthy Theatre. Thank you to everyone who attended, to make our debut a success!


This production helped us raise money for Hearts of Hope, a local dog rescue group.  The tribute number for Hearts of Hope involved the entire cast singing to the tune of "So Long, Farewell" from Sound of Music, but the words were re-written to give information about Hearts of Hope and what they do.  The cast passed stuffed animal dogs from hand to hand as they sang.  If you would like to contact Hearts of Hope dog rescue, click here: Hearts of Hope

Our second show was Saturday, March 4, 2017, again at the Wealthy Theatre.  All of our shows will be done at the Wealthy Theatre; it's the perfect place to perform!  Our ticket sales were up 10% from the first show.  Our goal is to someday have a sold out house!  Thank you to everyone that attended; you were a wonderful audience.


This performance helped us raise money for Carol's Ferals, a local cat rescue group.  This show featured a tribute act to Carol's Ferals, showing the actions of a feral cat, and even involved a large trap to cart off the actress portraying the feral cat!  To contact Carol's Ferals, visit their website here: Carol's Ferals

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