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Frivolous Follies was established because we saw a need for a vaudeville variety show in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The entertainers in this group have a wide variety of talents, and we are excited to put them together in a vaudeville style show for all to enjoy.  The acts in the show are of the same style as a vaudeville show of the era: singing, comedy, and burlesque, just to name a few.  Because of the "adult nature" of some of the acts, the preferred audience age is 21 and up.




Sweet Vidalia

Amy "Sweet Vidalia" McDaniel  is so happy that this group has come together and for all the fun they are having together!  Amy created this group with a desire to perform, write, and direct, and is pleased to be able to help animal groups in need. As an actor, who doesn't dream of creating their own perfect role? When Amy isn't on stage, she is working as an escrow coordinator, reading, dreaming up future acts, and taking care of her three fur babies: Mazie, Bindi, and Trooper.

Shows: 11/5/16, 3/4/17, 7/15/17, 1/13/18


Kylie Piette

Kylie C. Piette welcomes you to Frivolous Follies!  Kylie is no stranger to the Grand Rapids theater scene; she most often stage manages and/or assistant directs for Civic productions, including The Mousetrap, The Boatwright, Les Miserables, The Sound of Music (2007 and 2013), Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure, Fiddler on the Roof, The Wizard of Oz (2011); Hairspray; Peter Pan (2010); Sarah, Plain and Tall; Joseph...Dreamcoat; the 25th Annual...Spelling Bee; 1776; and ...Cuckoo’s Nest.  Kylie's first love is directing; she directed TIP$ The Musical for Heritage Theatre Group; Closer and Hair: The Concert Experience for Theater616; entries in Actors Theatre's Living on the Edge series; Civic's Traveling Troupe production of The Stinky Cheese Man...; and Little Shop of Horrors and Fame for Rogers High School.  Kylie has additionally performed in Civic's Mary Poppins (Mrs. Brill), A Christmas Carol (Mrs. Fezziwig), Cinderella ('09), A Wonderful LifeOklahoma!, and The Wizard of Oz (05) in addition to Circle Celebrates...Woodstock for Circle.  When she's not onstage or behind it, she hangs out at the Civic box office.

Shows: 11/5/16, 3/4/17, 7/15/17, 1/13/18


Mark Moran

Mark Moran is a full-time freelance musician/actor. He’s performed in most theatre venues in West Michigan, and currently plays piano for The Rhythm Section Jazz Band, the School of the Grand Rapids Ballet, and the Dance Dept. at Hope College.

Shows: 11/5/16, 7/15/17, 1/13/18

Cast / Crew

The cast and crew members are listed below in alphabetical order, with a list of the shows they have performed in shown underneath their bio.  We happily welcome guest performers or guest crew members!  Some of the performers and crew members that we currently have now, or have had with us in previous shows, aren't listed below.  Hopefully with some gentle nudging we can soon have their information up for all the fans to view.


Classy with a touch of danger, alluring and untouchable, ADC (Alicia Deven Clark) captivates her audience with confidence and finesse. Multi-talented onstage, her ever-evolving talents include singing Rock and Blues, Dancing as a Go-Go Girl, Freestyle, Robo-Flow, and Emotional Movement. She is also a highly-demanded Burlesque Dancer and Model. ADC grew up on the stage as a Theatre student; with her B.A in Theatre, she took her career forward as a Professional Actress and has appeared in over 50 movies and several national commercials. Prefers leather and chains over lace, but can rock either Naughty or Nice. She aims to please, and sticks to the Strange. ADC is not your typical model, she is a storyteller with a body of a dancer, and the soul of a seductress.

Shows: 3/4/17, 7/15/17

Angel Jenio

(Vintage Vixens)

Angel is a dancer and choreographer based in Lansing, Michigan. She performs as part of the trio Vintage Vixens, as well as a soloist. She has been dancing in some form for nearly her entire life and has trained in ballet, jazz, tap and Middle Eastern dance. She specializes in solo and partner dances from the swing era, including Lindy Hop, Charleston and vernacular jazz. She is also the proud mom of two rescue cats.

Shows: 3/4/17, 7/15/17, 1/13/18

Brent Alles 

(Public Domain)
Brent Alles (part of the comedy trio, "Public Domain") first entertained some if not many in his fourth grade production of “A Christmas Carol.” He remembered most of his line. Participating in high school theater productions lead him to community theater, where he started his illustrious career as Second Snow Guard on the Right in a production of “The Snow Queen and the Goblin.” Not satisfied with those acting heights, he then went on to play other slightly larger roles for Circle Theater, Master Arts Theater, and especially LowellArts!, where he has directed several productions as well as acted in many. Besides writing plays, Brent loves acting out with his fellow Public Domain mates, Rob Freund and Jeff Stacer. Brent enjoys doing Frivolous Follies as he loves animals, dogs over cats, but cats are still coolBrent did double duty in Frozen Frolics as a performer and as assistant director.

Shows: 1/13/18

Cindy Hambone

Cindy “Hambone” Hammond imposes comedy and incorporates improv into everyday life. A favorite is recruiting strangers to pretend to be her spouse in social settings. Tune in when she mumbles...those are the remarks most worthy of an audience. Cindy is a Writer and Poet, Comedic Actor and Model, and a self-proclaimed Promoter of the Arts with a special Love-Love relationship with the Local Music Community. She is involved with Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts and the ArtPrize Exhibit at Women’s City Club. Above all, Cindy is an animal lover and has been known to dance with and sing to dogs and have chipmunks eat out of her hand. Cindy not only delights audiences as a performer, but also as the sexy and silly Sign Girl!

Shows: 7/15/17, 1/13/18

Frances Fitzgerald

Frances Fitzgerald has had a passion for the theater, particularly dance, for 17 years and counting. For the past 5, she has been studying the Japanese martial art Shorin Ryu Shorinkan in which she has earned her black belt and continues to study. When Frances isn’t dancin’ or packin’ a punch you can find her in the classroom where she works as an educational sign language interpreter, writing her children’s book, or flaunting her cosplays at the Renaissance Fair and Comic-Con. Her love of facial expression, movement, and costuming all come together seamlessly on the Vaudeville stage!

Shows: 7/15/17


Jellybean: also known as Jessica Perazzolo, is a Chicago native who moved to Michigan in 2012. She has a plethora of talents including performance arts of burlesque, hula hooping, and ice skating, as well as being a professional horticulturist! A jellybean of many flavors!

Shows: 3/4/17, 7/15/17, 1/13/18

Juggler Gerry / The Great Geraldo

Juggler Gerry was inspired to take up juggling as a family project with both of his sons. He is fond of saying, " A family that juggles together throws a lot of things around." He is the past President of the Grand Rapids Juggling Club and has hosted four American regional juggling festivals at the UICA. Coming from a background in radio and theater Gerry has taken to juggling as a professional sideline for the past twenty years. Highlights include juggling as a featured artist in several Opera Grand Rapids productions as well as in a variety of plays, local television shows, variety shows and Vaudeville productions, including two previous Vaudeville shows at Wealthy Theater. He has also attended and performed at The Hawaiian Vaudeville Festival. Another highlight is an interview of his on National Public Radio which can be found at the website NPR.com.  Juggler Gerry has performed as a juggler in all of the shows so far, and multi-tasked as performer and MC for the two shows in 2017.

Shows: 11/5/16, 3/4/17, 7/15/17, 1/13/18

Karen Sue Bradford

Karen Sue is a wife of one amazing man, mother of four great children and grandmother of nine fantastic kids.  Whether directing or acting or writing - theatre is an escape from her exciting job in insurance.   She is thrilled to be part of Frivolous Follies, if only to honor her late father who was a huge Sophie Tucker fan, and to make her family proud and slightly embarrassed at the same time – as in “Gross, THAT’S my Wife/Mom?”  And she can cross “worked with snakes” off her bucket list.     

Shows: 3/4/17


KUNIGUNDE (Leah Vukovich) is a paprika farmer / part time matchmaker who loves to collect garbage, and in her spare time runs a cockfighting ring out of her cellar.  She's known around her hometown for her luxurious body hair, casting superb hexes, and scaring off snakes, crows, and orphans. See her for a palm reading or a homemade salve for your moderate to severe skin conditions and/or ennui.

Shows: 11/5/16, 3/4/17, 7/15/17, 1/13/18

Lady Tuesday

Avery R. Mills (aka Lady Tuesday, aka Wanda Wiseacre in the 11/5/16 show) is no stranger to the stage.  She has been singing, dancing, and acting for as long as she can remember.  She is having great fun being a part of the show!

Shows: 11/5/16, 3/4/17

Maid Marian

Maid Marian has been a part of Michigan's burlesque scene since 2013. She has performed with such well known groups as The Pontani Sisters and Danger Damsels Burlesque, and is known for her sultry and playful stage presence. A natural performer, she can also be found on the pages of pin up magazines and onherfanpage, facebook.com/maidmarianinmi. When not gracing us on the social media boards and in pictures she can be found exploring the nuances of inexpensive wines, giggling with friends and happily snuggling any dog she comes across.

Shows: 11/5/16, 3/4/17, 1/13/18

Mandy Sikkema

Mandy Sikkema: Ph.D in Shenanigans from Brass Ring University, master storyteller, black belt wingman, world traveler, armchair psychologist, gourmet cook, wine and craft brew aficionado. Gushing fan of theater, art, and music; woefully lacking talent in those areas.  She’s also a crackup, who can converse about quantum physics and cowboy boots.  Mandy is a saleswoman extraordinaire, who coined the phrase "Folly Finery" for merchandise sales.

Shows: 3/4/17, 7/15/17

Mariea Luisa

Mariea Luisa has been modeling and performing on stage & screen for the last 8+ years. Actively working in film, commercial, print, theater, avant-garde theater, and recently wrapped a principal role in the feature film Return of the Scarecrow. Mariea studied Advertising/PR and trained in theater at Grand Valley State University. You can usually find her at a Ms. Pac Man table, reading a script at the bar or coffee shop, or watching old movies. Mariea loves exploring the outdoors, going on spontaneous adventures, and staying active with Yoga and weight lifting. Her film and modeling work can be found on her website: mariealuisamacavei.com

Shows: 11/5/16, 3/4/17, 7/15/17, 1/13/18

Mr. Pointy

Mr. Pointy (Brandon McElfish) grew up in a small town in Northern West Michigan. There was not a surplus of things for a young man to do.  So, when at an early age he was introduced to knife throwing, a passion was quickly born.  He currently lives in Holland Michigan and when not throwing knives or at his full time job he can be found working with Shelter dogs at the Humane Society, his other Passion.  Mr. Pointy occasionally teaches interested men and women the art of knife throwing to do what he can to keep this traditional past-time alive.

Shows: 3/4/17, 7/15/17, 1/13/18

Old Rules Barbershop Quartet

Old Rules Barbershop Quartet are the 2016 Pioneer District Senior Quartet Champions. They have been singing together for three years. The singers are: Dennis Brown, Tenor; Doug Weaver, Lead; RT Williams, Baritone; and Al Smith, Bass. 


Two of the shows have had guest performers as bass: Brian Atkinson on 3/4/17, and Aaron Tabor on 1/13/18.

Shows: 11/5/16, 3/4/17, 7/15/17, 1/13/18

Rockin' Rovers

Karen and Diana,

with dogs Lark and Lilli

Karen and Diana met in dog dancing class four years ago. They had no idea that bringing herding dogs together could so much fun. Karen now presents her 2 year-old Collie, Lark. Karen rescued Lark from Kentucky and trains in many beginning venues in the Grand Rapids area. These include obedience, rally, and agility. Lilli spends her summers in northern New Mexico on a cattle ranch.  Although she has been in various trainings, her love is moving cows. We are part of a very active and diverse group of friends and their dogs called the “Rockin’ Rovers.” We perform at libraries, nursing homes, schools, 4-H, benefits, and where ever our dancing provides entertainment. A brainstorm flash was, “Hey our herding dogs would be great in a routine together.” Hopefully you enjoy our antics.

Shows: 11/5/16, 3/4/17, 7/15/17, 1/13/18

Ronelle J'Atteng

Jacie Atteng, “Ronelle J’Atteng” is the owner of J’Atteng Vintage, the official online store of the Frivolous Follies. She has a particular passion for the roaring 20’s and was so excited to find Vaudeville coming back! When she’s not finding or selling vintage items, Ronelle volunteers with animal shelters, writes her novel, or can be caught snapping pictures for her photography business.  Jacie helps out backstage, onstage as a guest performer, and in the front of the house, with merchandise sales.  To further support the Follies and our cause, check out our Etsy page:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/JattengVintage

Shows: 7/15/17, 1/13/18

Russ McDaniel

(Helper Monkey)

Need help setting up the stage?  Russ is there.  Need help building a prop?  Russ is there.  Need help creating a costume?  Russ is there.  Need help selling merchandise?  Russ is there.  Need help painting a poster?  Russ is there.  Need help brainstorming for everything in general or anything in particular?  Russ is there.  Russ McDaniel is invaluable for everything regarding Frivolous Follies.  No title can contain him, so he is our very own "Helper Monkey".  His duties are basically "anything that is needed to be done".  He enjoys being a part of the "flavor" of the group!

Shows: 11/5/16, 3/4/17, 7/15/17, 1/13/18

Sarah McLellan

(Vintage Vixens)

Sarah McLellan is a dancer and choreographer hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Fueled by jazz and a need to cut a rug, she specializes in solo and partner dancing from the swing era. She can frequently be found teaching at her home scene, Rapid Rhythms, as well as surrounding Michigan scenes. She’s known for her all-in styling, confident movements, and desire to dive deeper into the dance. When she’s not ripping up the dance floor, Sarah can be found cuddled up devouring books of all kinds, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, and giving snuggles to every puppy she can.

Photo credit to Copper and Sage Collective.

Shows: 3/4/17, 7/15/17, 1/13/18

Star Buxom, Queer Diva

Star Buxom is the Queer Diva alter ego of local artist Sara Dhyne. Sara has an Bachelor's of Fine Arts from Kendall College of Art and Design specializes in illustrative portrait work, and has recently made her return to the stage. Her debut performance with Frivolous Follies was in January 2018, with Frozen Frolics.  Learn more about her art and performing at BlackLaceCupcakes.com

Shows: 1/13/18

Trixie Von Hopps

This sassy siren and pinup model is excited to grace the stage at Wealthy St. Theatre. Singing is in her blood and she has been performing since she was a child. Trixie has also been known to summon kitties with her songs! Trixie is an internationally published pinup model.  She also a founding member of the volunteer organization, The Do Good Gals.  She is a rescue mom of a bunch of black cats, a bunny and a guinea pig.  You can find her on her fan page www.facebook.com/trixievonhopps.  When she isn’t performing, Trixie loves craft beer, shopping and nerdy things!

Shows: 11/5/16, 7/15/17

Valerie “Glitterbiscuits” Voiture

No shrinking violet, Valerie Manglitz Boerema, also affectionately known as "Glitterbiscuits," is Michigan's most well known and widely published international pin up model cover girl. Valerie is also a certified sign language interpreter and is thrilled to bring her love of physical expression and penchant for the spotlight to the Frivolous Follies stage!

Shows: 11/5/16, 3/4/17

Wiley Wiseacre
Born into a showbiz family, Wiley’s father Wally, was a famous Klezmer harpist and his mother, Wilma, a Tasmanian polka dancer on the Lawrence Welk show. His uncle Warren mucked stables at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and his 2nd cousin, once removed, soloed in the Sing Sing Correctional Facility Choir. 

Wiley’s career got an early start doing stand-up in his crib. His breast jokes remain the gold standard among the toddler set. In grade school, his bawdy earthworm impersonations drew crowds on the playground and in high school he was well known for his pencil suppository routine. 

This is Wiley’s first venture into the world of burlesque. Although the idea of getting naked in public has never been a problem for him he’s been told to keep his clothes on after that one cameo appearance in tightie whities.

Wiley would like to thank his wives Wanda, Winny, Wendy, and Winston for allowing him this opportunity to pun-ish yet another audience.


(Wiley Wiseacre is also sometimes known as Paul Arnold, established performer, and designer for the logo, programs, postcards, flyers, and business cards of Frivolous Follies.)

Shows: 11/5/16, 7/15/17, 1/13/18

Special Guests:              

Brandi Craft

The debut performance of Frivolous Follies (Modern Vaudeville Sh'Bang) was Brandi's first performance on stage EVER!!!!  She has always been interested in performing but never gave it a try before.  With a little nudge from the performers of Frivolous Follies, she decided it was time to get up on stage. 

Shows: 11/5/16

Drake Bellevue    

Definitely no stranger to being in front of rough and vocal crowds, as his history includes stand up comedy, hosting burlesque, acting in films, and improv theater. Drake has also traveled the world extensively during his time in the US Navy. A true entertainer at heart, he still has childhood dreams to accomplish like getting his Richard Pryor tattoo and become a pro wrestler.  In his free time, his hobbies include playing with cats, meowing at strangers, and eating cheese...with his cat.  He also volunteers at West Michigan kitty katt shelters while listening to Tenacious D.

Shows: 11/5/16

Just Shake Something Bellydancers

At its beginning as a series of classes offered in the Holland community, “Just Shake Something” became a mantra for the instructors and participants. As the class developed, both an understanding of various styles of belly dance and feelings of confidence and empowerment began to spread like wildfire. In performance, the “Just Shake Something” group shares this joy with audience members, encouraging interaction and celebration during the traditional and modern forms of ancient dance. The group marries the practices of Middle Eastern, Turkish, Egyptian, hula, Oriental and American tribal styles with any music, though generally not the usual. Led by experienced belly dance instructors and choreographers, the group encourages the expression of movement no matter the age, size, mobility, or training of an individual dancer. They present these dances with the hope that it will inspire more people to “Just Shake Something”.

Shows: 11/5/16

Leena Allure

Leena Allure, nationally published pin up model turned burlesque starlet has taken over the heart of Detroit. Her striptease is very reminiscent of the classic burlesque with her sultry style and seductive movements. She has been performing in all types of burlesque events across Michigan and Ohio. This vixen not only embodies the vintage lifestyle but, even in an apocalypse, she still rocks her never ending curves and her retro flair.

Shows: 3/4/17

Magdalena Golightly

Magdalena revels in playing with fire. She began as a majorette at age eight & has been twirling fire batons since she can remember. She has experience with the Danger Damsels Burlesque troupe as a kitten and as a performer. A lover of all things vintage, she has participated in several pin-up pageants including Miss Skin Deep & the Metro Cruise. She has been featured in magazines such as Ink Magazine (available online), Sheeba, Far`andula & Metro Cruise. You can follow her misadventures on her FB fan page under Magdalena Golightly. In her spare time she can be found desperately trying to get her batons to perform the Incendio spell.

Shows: 11/5/16

The Twinkle Toe Tappers

(Mother / Daughter duo)

Martha Bowman (mother) and Sarah Bowman Peterson (daughter) are both classically trained musicians who love to "let their hair down" and kick up their heels!  Martha has performed with the Grand Rapids Symphony as Principal Bassoon for 41 years.  Having recently retired, she is finding other pursuits, such as working as an Adoption Counselor for The Humane Society of West Michigan, and taking up tapping again, which she has done off and on over the years for other fundraisers for the community. Sarah Bowman Peterson has followed in her parents footsteps by becoming a Professional Oboist and a graduate of The Juilliard School of Music.  She is currently the Music Librarian for The Grand Rapids Symphony.  Having taken dance lessons at The Ken Tepper Dance Studio (years ago), she is reviving her dance talent, having not danced since before giving birth to 2 daughters!  We are looking forward to joining the Frivolous Follies ensemble and having FUN!!! 

Shows: 11/5/16

Wendy Dae

Wendy has been involved in the performing arts for many years, but her recent passion has been to be a part of the pin up world!  She is currently a part of the Do Good Girls, and formerly was with Pin Ups for Patriots.  She has placed in several pin up contests.  She is excited to be a part of Frivolous Follies as part of the crew, and will hopefully soon show you her skills in singing, dancing, and acting!

Shows: 11/5/16

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