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We are FRIVOLOUS FOLLIES – a group of exciting and talented individuals who aspire to emulating the nostalgia of Vaudeville.  Our performers are eclectic and have a variety of experience levels.  Some are parts of other performing groups as well as performing in our group!  We appreciate the level of talent in our cast and crew and encourage them to perform with as many groups as they would like, to let as many people as possible appreciate their talents.  Our cast, crew, and types of acts are revolving: some of your favorites will be in the next show, and some will be taking a break until the show after that.  Please be sure to let us know what you like, and what you would like to see in the future!

Tickets are available for our show on Saturday, July 15th! 

Frivolous Follies Tickets 

The cost will remain the same: 

$10 in advance for non members, $8 in advance for members. 

Add $2 at for both at the door. 

Want cheaper tickets and the ability to purchase alcohol at the show?

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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making our performances a success!  Our goal as a variety show is to keep the mix interesting and different from show to show.  We focus on comedy acts but we strive to include anything that might be fun for the audience.  We perform these shows as benefits for animal rescue groups; there will always be a tribute number to the group of choice.  If you have specific animal groups that you support, please let us know!


We were excited to see many of the audience members return for our second show, Spring it On. Our ticket sales were 10% higher than our debut show.  Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the show!  We had a lot of fun and can't wait to perform for you in our next show, on July 15th.  Save the date!  This is a Saturday and the show will start at 9 PM.  Our shows run between 2 and 2.5 hours.  The preferred audience is 21 and up, so if you have little ones, get a sitter and come join us!


Our performances help raise money for local animal rescue groups.  We were able to give Hearts of Hope (a local dog rescue group) and Carol's Ferals (a local cat rescue group) a donation of $500 each.  We hope to continue to give at least this much to the next animal rescue group of choice.  If you run an animal rescue group and would like to be considered as a beneficiary, please contact us!  Our next performance will help raise money for LuvnPupz, a local dog rescue. For more information about LuvnPupz, click here: LuvnPupz 

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